Comedian. Actor. Voice-Over. Clown. Food.

For 20 years, Jim Williams has developed  unique brand of performance by traveling and entertaining people all over the world and in all kinds of environments. He’s performed in theaters, schools, hospitals, elderly care facilities, refugee camps, corporate events, Native American reservations, TEDx events, homeless shelters, television studios, movie sets, orphanages, comedy competitions and festivals,  online, and even his own kitchen.

His main mission has become to spread humor and joy in as many ways as possible, in as many places as possible, to as many people as possible.


Jim Williams’ comedic prowess can be best described as, witty, absurd, playful, and even sentimental. However, he also possesses a penchant for catching audiences off guard and going for the throat, biting into the proverbial funny bone with the ferocity of a hungry, feral dog.

Jim’s stand-up shows are served with a heaping side-order of catharsis. His brutally honest stories often focus on life abroad and his personal adventures as a foreigner in Poland for 13 years: almost dying in the Polish mountains, having bi-lingual kids, visiting the emergency room (four times), being in the semi-finals of Poland’s Got Talent, smoking, quitting smoking, and starting smoking again, and traveling and performing across Europe. Jim also dives head-first into universal topics like parenthood, marriage, mental illness, life, death, and everything in between.

Jim is responsible for starting the English comedy scene in Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, and Poznan. He’s toured around central Europe, performed in Russia and The Netherlands (including the Utrecht Comedy Festival). In Poland he’s been on TV several times, including Comedy Central Polska (all performances were in Polish).


Jim’s unique perspective as a foreigner in Europe makes him ideal for corporate events, especially for organizations with a diverse, international employees. If you have an upcoming holiday or integration event, let Jim bring your people together with laughter.


We could all use a little extra comfort these days. If you’re a homesick American living abroad, treat yourself to a taste of the Mother Country. If you’re from anywhere else in the world, you deserve some comfort too. Famous Jim has the food to make you feel good.


Jim has been a professional medical clown for 16 years, bringing humor and laughter to people in need of joy. Jim works along-side the medical staff to relieve stress, help divert children’s’ focus and reduce fear during medical procedures, as well as interacting with the staff themselves to release tension and encourage breathing and lightness through laughter. Jim has worked as a medical clown in Chicago with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit and in Poland with Czerwone Noski Klown w Szpitalu in Poland, a partner of Red Noses International.

As a member of RNI’s Emergency Smile program, Jim has been on missions to Kyrgyzstan to bring joy and laughter to children in hospitals and orphanages, and also to Greece, to work with children and families in refugee camps.

He is also a coach and trainer of hospital clowns, and teaches workshops at the International School of Humor in Vienna, Austria.

Jim currently provides personal online visits as Doktor Please/Doktor Proszę, in English and Polish to patients, the elderly, and anyone around the world who is in need of joy.



Eye Color: Green
Height: 180cm / 6’0”
Hair Color: Light Brown
Weight: 77 kg / 170 lbs

Film Credits
The Coldest Game Newscaster Lukasz Kosmicki/Watchout Studio
Valley of the Gods Ditrevi Party Guest Lech Majewski/Royal Road Entertainment
The Silent Twins Lawyer Agnieszka Smoczynska/Kindred Spirit
Television Credits
Na sygnale S4.E31 Bill Leszek Korusiewicz/TVP
Lombard: Zycie pod zastaw S12 Connor Blazej Wolny/Studio A
Available upon request
BA Theater Oberlin College Paul Moser, Jane Armitage
Acting, Movement, Performance St. Petersberg, RussiaTheater Academy
Acting, Movement, Performance National Theater Institute David Jaffe, Michael Cadman,Gwen Ellison
Acting, Voice, Performance Trinity/LaMaMa Maureen Fleming, Jonah Emsig,Jonathan Hart Makwaia


Jim teaches. He teaches everything he does to anyone that wants to learn. 

What does Jim Teach?
Comedy, Stand-Up, Physical Comedy, Improv, Clown, Writing, Medical Clowning, and more.

Where has Jim taught?
Primary Schools, Universities, Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, Refugee Camps, Prisons, His House, Online, In His Basement, Private Studios


+48 693 109 228

Komandorska 57/7